Rural Students in Technology Scholarship


Over the past several decades, technological advancements have changed our society in countless ways. Much of the change that technology has brought has been beneficial, but there are still many concerns about how technology will affect us long term. We must have people from all backgrounds developing the software and hardware innovations of the future to ensure those innovations are designed for people from all walks of life. This scholarship aims to encourage students from rural areas who want to pursue a career in computer science and technology. Computer science has helped rural areas in many ways and can have an even more significant impact in the future. Every future technological innovation will in some way involve computer science. Students from rural areas will need to be part of developing future technologies so that these technologies have the greatest positive impact on rural areas. Those who grew up in rural areas have the best understanding of the unique challenges faced in rural areas. Hopefully, this scholarship will reduce the cost of getting an education in computer science and technology and push students to use their skills from their education to develop solutions to help the rural areas in which they grew up.

Winners 2021

Winner: Jared Roth - East Butler High School

Alternative: Kayley Galbraith- Chadron High School

Winners 2020

Winner: Lauren Collins - Chadron High School

Alternative: Erik Beyer - Sidney High School

Alternative: Thaddius Post - Central Valley High School


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